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Since 1939, generations of families and friends have embarked on a sensory journey with us to rediscover the pure essence of cacao through our handcrafted chocolates and beverages. In today's market, we recognize the abundance of chocolate options available. However, our unwavering promise is to consistently deliver an unrivaled taste experience in each piece of chocolate we create. Every stage of our process, from nurturing our cocoa beans to our meticulous roasting, is conducted with utmost care and precision. We firmly uphold the value of the dedicated artisans whose passion and craftsmanship, deep-rooted in Mexican tradition, bring this love-infused delicacy to life.

Our services go beyond quality cacao products. We are strategic partners for your business growth. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, value-added service for your business success

* These services are available in Seattle, WA and Metro area. Are subject to availability.

Explore our range of products and minimum orders by downloading our catalog now.

Rey Amargo Chocolate. All Natural and Stone Ground

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