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About Us

Real Chocolate since 1939

Rey Amargo Chocolate merge the best of our ancestors with our wonderful present to give you the perfect excuse to enjoy a real chocolate.  Since 1939, families and friends have joined us in a trip to rediscover the true flavor of cacao through our handmade chocolates and beverages. Our promise is to always give you the best flavor in each chocolate, taking care of our cocoa bean, our roasting, as well as every part of the process. Always safeguarding the value of the work of each artisan who makes it possible with love from Mexico.

Mural from Rey Amargo chocolate and Ciudad Guzman Jalisco

Our Story

It was in Zapotlán el Grande, a small Mexican town in the state of Jalisco where Carlos Ríos and his wife Baudelia Martínez were almost forced to start a business that would allow them to obtain enough income to support their family. This is how they began to produce chocolate in their own kitchen and sold it house to house. Some time later, they decided to call their company "El Cometa". Over the time, the different styles of chocolates that "El Cometa" produced became the favorites of the region, however one of them stood out against the others. This favorite was the "Rey" (King) in its "Amargo" (Bitter) version and it was in 1969 that they decided to change the name of the entire company to: "Chocolate Rey Amargo"

Our Brands

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